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Letters from Parents

Dear Shruti Ma'am

It's been a long while that I have been thinking of writing this email.

Anvika had a fabulous year in Toddler program last year and I must say you had a big role to play in that. The settling in process was a breeze as she looked forward to being in school with Shruti Madam and her friends.

There is no holiday or family function that you have not been mentioned. Everyone in our family knows you as you are always part of her school stories. And also because she still talks about you ,like you and now even imitates your mannerisms.

Her fondness for you is due to the love, care and affection you have showered on Anvika while making her learn and grow!

She misses you and wonders and asks as to why Shruti Madam just said Hi and is not in class like Esha Ma'am with me.

It is her first progression in life, and she will learn to accept changes slowly.

We as parents are grateful for all your efforts in making her a more confident and expressive child.

She was and is blessed to have you as one of her first teachers.

Warm Regards
Ananta Baheti
(mother of Anvika Baheti - PN1)

Respected Shafaq Ma’am

As we have reached to the last day of Anvi’s wonderful journey at Pathways Early years GK, we feel extremely thankful and grateful to you and all the teacher (specially her toddler group teacher Shruti and her pre nursery teachers Ramita and Kiran and Pooja Didi) and support staff for being part of our daughter’s learning and growth. We are very confident that under the guidance of all of you, Anvi has built a strong foundation as she takes her next steps in her journey from here.

We also feel emotional at the same time as Pathways has become like extended family to Anvi and us. We will cherish all the memories for the rest of her lives. We also believe that Anvi has made a special bond with you all as well as made great friends.

As the name of the school is "Pathways", we believe and hope that our "paths" will cross in the future as well.

Thanks so so much for all the love and guidance to our daughter and immensely appreciate all your efforts and time given to our daughter.

All of us and most importantly Anvi will miss Pathways. Wish you all the very best for the future as well.

Warm Regards
Anisha & Varun Bhasin
(parents of Anvi Bhasin)

Dear Madam Nisha

My wife and I would like to thank you for the visible effort you have put in for Ruhani's shyness. We happen to stumble upon the "Graduation Day" video on your Facebook page, where Ruhani is willingly and visibly, happily dancing.

As was mentioned by you during the parent-teacher meeting also that you take care and put in an extra effort for the same, it was clearly evident in the video. From her reluctance to dance, to happily dancing. We are very glad and thank you whole-heartedly.

In addition, I would like to mention that Ruhani has been most comfortable under your able guidance and thus she's, perhaps more able at things like dancing.

Moreover, though my wife and I, we both are also careful at teaching sharing and positive attitude, as that is how we want her to be we were surprised to hear when we said: “Ruhani is dancing the best.” And she retorted, “All the babies are dancing the best."

It just shows the entire ambience at the school and the set of positive learning kids are imparted. We thank the Madam Principal for the eminently positive environment created at the school.

Thanking you magnanimously
Ruchi and Pranav Asrani
(Parents of Ruhani Asrani – PN1)

Dear Respected Ramita Madam and Kiran Madam

Kyra has always appreciated and loved both of you and always talked about you both fondly at house with us, Her conversations have always included for what she did with her friends as well both of you on day to day basis.

She has had wonderful learning experience this year as which is visible by her expressions and improved communication, Can see her confident to talk and as well as learn lot of skills.

Thanks to both of you for your wonderful support and care for Kyra, Three cheers to both of you !!

Looking forward to see Kyra take your guided path and grow better in coming years.

Once again, thanks for all your really appreciated guidance.

Thanks & Best Regards,
KSHITIJ KUMAR (father of Kyra Sadh - PN3)
C.E.O. / Exports Department - Head

Dear Ms. Shafaq Bhat

I would like to begin by thanking you and the entire team of pathways for your relentless effort and hard work along with the immense love and support that you have shown towards all the children who are a part of the school. Triaksh's love for all the teachers, didis, other staff members and his school tells us a lot about his journey at here.

I would like to extend my gratitude for the care he has been provided with, good values that have been instilled in him and the abundance of knowledge he has gained during his period here. I am sure his learnings at his early stages will take him a long way.

Thank you
Neeharika Bahl
(mother of Triaksh Behl - PN3)

Respected Ma'am

It is a great effort put by you on our child , she stands out among the lot of her age.

Myra is doing good & started with sentences knowing past tense & present tense & can explain what is she feeling (Eating, sleepy, Happy etc.) in her own ways.

We are looking forward for her development & her Knowledge. We are also giving our best with interacting with her.

As a teacher handling kids needs a lot of patience so hats off to the team of Pathways Early Years.

The annual day was wonderful very well organized & thanks for a lovely treat , we enjoyed a lot watching kids performing & stage fear not being present in them was great to see.

I really appreciate as Myra talks about Esha Mam & Shruti Mam, you have done your best for upbringing of our kid.

Warm Regards
Sunny Chawla
(Father of Myra Chawla)

Dear Mam

I write this mail to you as a note of appreciation for the wonderful show put up by the little kiddos of PN 2 at the annual event.

It was a pleasure to see the mesmirising performance and I am sure, it was made possible only with the meticulous planning, hard work and dedication of all the teachers.

A special thanks to you and Sania mam for training and grooming Pehr so well. And also, for entrusting her with such a vital role in the show.

We were overwhelmed to see her perform with such excitement and fervour on stage.

I would like to extend my warm regards for the same.

Rashmeet k.Anand
(Mother of Pehr Kaur Anand)

Dear Ma'am

It was a pleasure to watch all the kids perform n a great applause for team Pathways for their efforts to put together such an event .

Biba Singh
(mother of Iyreen Kaur)

Dear Madam(s)

We take pleasure in writing this email to you, with immense gratitude for each one of you at Pathways Early Years. We feel it would be an honour and good fortune for us and our child to continue with Pathways Education at NOIDA.

We feel great when we think about the effort that the teachers had put in, in each child, to elicit the performances from them at such tender ages.

We thank you for your much valuable effort, that our child is going to keep with her, from now until throughout.

Much gratitude and regards

Ruchi & Pranav Asrani
(Parents of Ruhani Asrani - PN1)

Dear EY Team

Thank you teachers. With your reputation with parents of existing day care students, we felt very comfortable sending Mannat to day care. It was very comforting to know that you all are so cooperative and specially with the incidents with Mannat initially. You make lives of working parents much more easy. Many thanks once again’

Daman (mother of Mannat Kaur)

Dear Team

Our experience with Pathways so far has been wonderful. Swati from your team at Kailash colony has guided us smoothly through the admission process and has clarified our concerns and queries .

Principal ma'am has been very patient and has briefed us thoroughly about the program and facilities at Pathways.

We are impressed with the security measures implemented at Pathways and are satisfied with the safety of our toddler .

Our interaction with the teacher has only been once as we have just enrolled our toddler for the program and we are happy with the warm atmosphere our child is receiving at pathways.

Pratima Rakheja
(mother of Kushaagra Rakheja – Toddlers 3 group)

Dear Mansi

I can see that Yash is enjoying himself a lot. In fact, he has been playing a lot with all the vehicle toys at home. Keeping the theme in mind we bought him a parking garage at home and he loves playing with it. He recognises Bus, Auto, Car and Truck. He sleeps with his Bus and I know where all that fondness is coming from.

Thanks to you, Neha and the entire team for making these kids learn so much and at the same time have fun.


Hello Ms Shafaq

Hope all is well at your end.

I have been meaning to write this email for a long time but relocating and settling down has taken up all my time. But better late than never.

I just wanted to send an appreciation email to you and your team for what a wonderful job you are doing at Pathways Early Year’s Greater Kailash. Other than the obvious things like a very loving and caring environment for kids the little things you guys do makes a huge difference. To name a few - kids brushing their teeth after snacks/lunch, the fact that your landline gets transferred to you and almost never goes unanswered, your patiently answering all our concerned calls about what our child is doing during the initial settling in times, the extremely clean loos and the lovely Didi’s who help the teachers.

These are small things which mostly go unnoticed by parents but make a huge difference to the overall experience with the school. I must have visited umpteen schools in my hunt for a new school for Aanya in our new city. But not one had children brushing their teeth after a meal. Not one had loos as clean as the ones in Pathways GK. And this is even for schools having a fee structure double that of Pathways. So I must say after moving out of Delhi I have started appreciating Pathways even more.

Keep up the great work. We will always have very fond memories of Aanya’s first school.

Aanya Arora’s Mom

P.S Aanya really misses her Ramita mam, Kiran mam and Pooja Didi. They must be doing something right for kids to miss them so much.

Dear Madams

It makes me extremely happy to see the learning provided by you at school being imbibed in real life. While using her free style paint brush Ruhani thought of saffron white green blue wheel and what she drew is attached here with.

Pranav Asrani

Dear Ma'ams

It's been a year since Vedant joined Pathways and words can't express enough how glad we are that we took that decision.

Through this year, Vedant has grown to become all the more independent, loving, caring, responsible and self-regulated- all thanks to your efforts. You have been by his side through all his ups and downs (we know there have been far too many :-)) and seen him through it all. From a time when he used to cry at school for days together, he's now at a point where his school has truly become his second home and he doesn't want to leave from school! No amount of words can express our gratitude to you for transforming Vedant this way. Every now and then he surprises us with his knowledge, intelligence, maturity and independence- and it only reinforces to us the key role you have played in his growth.

We don't have everyone's email ID, but please convey our regards to everyone who's been a part of Vedant's first school year- Sneh Ma'am, Manjeera Ma'am, all didis, support staff and all of you of course!
Lastly, thank you for making Vedant's birthday special. He wouldn't have shared it with anyone else :-).

Urmi & Akshay

Letter to MS Monika Mehrotra,

The following feedback was sent by one our Korean Parent. We appreciate his effort behind drafting the letter in English

"Dear All,
Good Morning.

I am Yu-Na Lee's father from S.Korea
Before one month, I was afraid of sending my daughter to pre-school in India She can't speak English and I have very much doubt safety and security system especially.
But, when I visited this Tuesday the day was my company holiday to take my daughter, I observed systematic security system. And I can understand curriculum of my daughter class by checking e-mail given by you regularly. She used to cry in front of gate of school at time attending school but Now, She run into school with smile.

I am satisfied with your service and thankful


Letter to Ms Reena Singh

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Letter to Ms. Lata Pathak
Dear Ms. Lata Pathak

Would love to share with you a few pictures of ''Germination Activity'' that we did with Vanya at home. These are pictures taken in the last 6-8 months. Since Aug-Sept 2012, Vanya has been sowing vegetables in our house. She sowed the seeds, watered the pots and watched them sprout and grow and then here are the fruits of her labor.

Hope you enjoy and like them!


Letter to Ms. Sumita Kohli To Ms. Sumita Kohli,

Seojun likes school very much . Sometimes , when Seojun change wear Seojun ask me AM I GOING SCHOOL !! when i heard that , I am very happy .

I saw my son's picture 'print'. Sometimes I worry about color. I don't know Seojun likes what colour. And if baby likes dark colour its not good .

Anyway I hope seojun good day everyday .

Thank You
from Seojun mom

Note: The parent is Korean and her primary language is Korean. We appreciate her effort behind drafting the letter in English.


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