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Pathways Early Years is led by an extremely talented team of educators. Each one of our faculty has an innate passion, not just to teach, but also to learn. Their flexible, student-centered approach facilitates learning in its truest sense.

We at Pathways move away from the idea of a static, knowable educator and move on to a view of an educator in a state of constant change and becoming. The role of the educator shifts from a communicator of knowledge to a listener, provocateur, documenter, and negotiator of meaning.

They encourage children to:

  • Formulate questions
  • Stimulate and support creativity
  • Think aloud about various perspectives and interpretations
  • Think aloud about multiple possibilities or solutions
  • Solve problems
  • Document thinking and learning

Pathways also strongly believe in developing its faculty and encouraging them to enhance their professional skills through dedicated workshops and training sessions.

Our faculty plays a very important role in fulfilling our vision and mission and facilitating our commitment to the parent community.

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