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Pathways School Gurgaon celebrates students’ unique and distinctive passions through Enrichment Groups, popular among students as FabLab. Enrichment Groups involves students of various ages and talents working together to produce a product or service for an authentic audience. Designed around a constructivist learning theory that focuses on authentic high-end learning, EG provide a vehicle for children to develop their talents while collaborating in area of interest. To initiate the process, the students were oriented on the possible areas of interests available.

This year, we have around 33 groups, to name a few – Crime investigation, Astrology, Stop motion animation, politics and diplomacy, Photography and more. As they deeply thought about their interests and selected their fields, they also researched about the topics and their learning journeys began!

Enrichment Groups not only cater to the students but also to the teaching community of pathways. Teachers develop the clusters around their own strengths and interests, working in teams that involving parents and community members. The parents were oriented on the different aspects of FABLAB , and we have had huge success with respect to community involvement where we have had parents, Inhouse experts and external resource people to share their knowledge with the students.  

EG, develop student autonomy and encourage them to enhance their skills. Students get an opportunity to practice what they love and pursue their passion. They become self-directed learners and investigate on a topic assuming the?roles of practicing professionals.  

There are various ways students choose to showcase their learning. While some prefer tangible products, others create intangible products.

Get a peep into students in action, developing their ATLs and gaining Learner Profile attributes here:


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