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Connecting children with nature is so important. In fact, nature inspires creativity and allows them to use all their senses. To delve into our Unit of Inquiry, 'Things That Grow, a field trip to 'Rajdhani Nursery' was organized by Pathways Early Years on Monday 18th February 2019 for Toddlers. This trip served as an incredible experience for the Toddlers as they saw flowers of numerous colours, sizes and shapes. Children were tempted by the extensive range of plants and flowers like shrubs, trees, roses and many more and were encouraged to touch, feel and even smell the flowers. It was a wonder for them to see varied varieties of flowers. They even saw few peacocks. They enjoyed relaxing under the shade feeling the fresh air around.

On our way back, their excitement was still the same as they all were talking about the colours of flowers they explored during the trip and were trying to recall few names of the flowers like purple pansies, white daisies and daffodils etc.

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