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Our community is a pool of many natural and man-made teaching-learning resources which can be used to enrich children 's formal learning process in school. When children meet with the real settings, they form connections, relate and discover similarities and differences within their minds. Keeping this in mind a visit to National Railway Museum was organised by Pathways early years greater Kailash on Tuesday 27th of November '2018 for toddlers.

This visit served as a learning extension of the focus topic 'On the Go' where children explored various vehicles be it their toys with wheels and their ride-on vehicles, or with vehicles in which they travel with their families such as trains, aeroplanes and ships etc. Their journey began with a bus ride where all the children could not contain their excitement to take their seats and put on their seatbelts. They sang their favourite rhyme 'wheels on the bus ' and could relate to the signal, horn and door of the bus. During the visit, children got an opportunity to interact with the life-size exhibits of the Indian trains and observed the rare exhibits of the vintage train Engines and carriages on display. The Mini Rail ride was the most looked forward moment of the trip and it was a delight to watch them singing their favourite rhymes while enjoying their ride on the toy train. It was a wonder for them to see the train passing through tunnels and bridges and feel the light and darkness in the carriage. They peeped through the windows carefully to see the scenery around and enjoyed the motion of the train moving on the tracks. After the visit, they were served delicious snacks and they all had a hearty munch.

Some of them took a short nap on the bus and were refreshed once again as they reached the school. This visit not only supported the cognitive aspect of their personality but also their social and emotional aspects as this was their first field visit as a group.

Overall the visit was a relevant and a worthwhile experience for the children as they were still discussing their journey after they returned to the school.

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