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Flowers invigorate the senses by adding beauty, color and wonderful fragrances to our lives. They can instantly brighten up a room or our mood. Flowers provide the perfect resource, as a child can step right outside bend down, and get eye-level with them.

In this activity, children were excited to show and talk about their flowers. They shared the color, texture, and name of the flowers, followed by arranging the flowers in the vase/jars.

Children made a ‘Still Life’ painting by mixing colours and creating new shades. ‘Still Life’ painting challenges their understanding and ability to look at the finer details of everyday objects in their environment. Children also shared the reflections of their artwork.

Here are some of the reflection of our children during the class

“I love the colorful red flower. I am feeling very happy to see the flower. The petals are big and soft.” -  Agastya Bidhuri

“Mansi Ma’am has a colorful rainbow flower and I have a purple flower. My flower tickles me. It smells lovely. My seeds have grown into a flower.” - Svojus Tuli

“My flower name is Chrysanthemum. It has fragrance and it is white in color, I feel happy to see it. It has many small petals and it is so soft.” - Tiara Nagdev

"I have made white, pink, orange and light pink flowers' - Aarohi Goswami

"This is red and white paint to make flowers" - Devyansh Gupta




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