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Children conducted experiments on metal objects. They tried to find answers to the questions- ‘Is it heavy or light?’ ‘What do we use it for?’. Children identified metal objects lying in their homes and drew them on their own using their creative skills.

Children’s Reflections

  • Tiara - “I made scissors, car, lock, and a kettle”
  • Vedika - “I made a fork ,spoon, hanger, ruler and a key. They are all made of metals.”
  • Arohi was excited and said “I made a diamond ring, scissors, car, lock, and a kettle. All these are made of metals”.
  • Shanaya Said “key, car and fork are made of metals.”
  • Svojus – “I built a tower with metal tins, I drew a spoon. It is made of metal. I pour medicine in this and drink”

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